My Favorite Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Have you taken our ice cream personality quiz? I have to confess, my own favorite didn’t really show up on the list. I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s chocolate and peanut butter every time. And here’s my current favorite: Talenti’s chocolate ice cream with not one but two peanut butter elements.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

I actually don’t buy ice cream very often; I prefer to go out and make an occasion of it at a local scoop shop, but I picked up a pint of this chocolate gelato a couple months ago, tempted in an early season heat wave. It was instantly my new ice cream best friend. Have you tried it? The chocolate ice cream isn’t too rich; it’s milky enough for my taste, while dark and satisfying. And then there are tiny chocolate peanut cups, plus the best part of all: thick streaks of firm peanut butter, barely sweetened.

In an informal poll of our ice cream-loving editors, this pint takes the lead for best Talenti flavor, and one of the best chocolate-peanut butter ice cream combos.

Have you tried this? Or do you have another chocolate and peanut butter love to share?