My Favorite Beer to Pair with Any Meal, Any Occasion

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether I’m at a trendy restaurant or bringing beer to a backyard party, there is one beer that never lets me down — or rather, one beer style. And that would be the Belgians.

Is it cheating to call an entire family of beers “my favorite”? Perhaps! But more and more, Belgian and Belgian-style beers are what I turn to in situations where I’m not sure what food I’ll be eating or how exactly it will pair with what I’m drinking. 

Belgian beers as a general category are full of soft, fruity flavors and aromas, which pair just as easily with a light lunch salad as they do with shrimp tacos or grilled steak or even a pasta casserole. They also tend to be lower in hops, whose bitterness can often make food pairing challenging.

In party situations, I find that Belgian ales are also an easy sell to other guests, making it a win-win with whatever is being served for dinner. Even non-beer geeks can get on board with a lush Belgian ale with flavors of ripe stone fruits and candy!

When it comes to food, I’ll go Belgian all the way. Here are a few of my favorites:

What are your favorite Belgian and Belgian-style ales?

This post was requested by Angela! for Reader Request Week 2013.