My Essential Weeknight Recipe: The Poached Egg

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are nights where I come home from work ready to tackle a big long cooking project. And then there are the other (frequent!) nights where I come home exhausted with the delivery menus in hand. And then I remember the poached egg. What was once a sad heap of roasted vegetables becomes dinner, magically!

I throw a dash of distilled white vinegar in a pot of water and, by the time I have a salad or dish of leftover pasta ready, I plop in an egg and dinner is half way to ready. Cook four to five minutes and add to vegetables, rice, or even soup, it’s the perfect solution to a quick weeknight dinner. I used to fear the poaching process, panicking a little on my first try as the egg neglected to stay in a nice, self-contained pouch. I’ve since developed a pattern of swirling the water, setting a timer and gently retrieving the egg with a mesh ladle. I even hesitate to order poached eggs at restaurants now that I have perfected my own method!

(Images: Faith Durand)