My Emergency Food Dilemma

My Emergency Food Dilemma

Dana Velden
Mar 18, 2011

If you live in the Ring of Fire, then it's quite possible you have an earthquake kit stashed in a convenient location in your home. If you don't, then it's likely that the thought has at least crossed your mind in this past week. My problem with my emergency food kit? I don't usually eat the kind of food that works best in emergency circumstances. Read on for why this is an issue.

Let me begin by saying that if I should ever be in the unfortunate situation where I would to have to use my earthquake kit, I assume that I will be grateful that I have something to eat, no matter what it is. My dilemma is not about being a picky eater in the middle of an emergency, it's about expiration dates and rotations. Let me explain.

To be sure that your rations are fresh, it is recommended to rotate out emergency food and water every six months (the daylight savings clock switch is often suggested) by putting the rations on your kitchen shelves and replacing them with fresh items. My issue is that on a day to day basis, I just don't eat the kind of food I would put in my emergency stash.

Because it is possible that water, electricity and gas lines will also be compromised, you should chose the kinds of foods that don't need rehydration or refrigeration, can be eaten up in a single meal and can potentially be eaten cold. Canned foods are often suggested and I'm not much of a canned food eater, especially when it comes to open'n'eat kinds of things like stews and pasta rings in tomato sauce. So what are some good stashable foods that also translate well to everyday eating?

I was excited by Anjali's Canned Smoked Trout post last week. That's a good start. And Peanut/Almond Butter is also another good choice. But I thought I'd throw the question out there to you. What kind of food do you have in your emergency kit? Does it rotate well into your regular pantry? Have you ever eaten MRE's? Tell us in the comments.

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