My City Cuisine: An Online Guide to Eating Abroad

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re traveling to an international destination this summer and want to research the local cuisine before you go, check out My City Cuisine, a Wiki project that catalogs regional food specialties from around the world.

Each city’s page includes a list of dishes by category, and each dish has its own page, with photos and detailed information about its history and preparation. We can see using to the site to make a list of must-try dishes before a trip, or to look up an intriguing dish while on the road.

If international travel isn’t in the cards, just try clicking the “Random Page” link for a surprise look at a dish eaten elsewhere in the world. We just learned about pottit heid (a headcheese from Scotland), beggar’s chicken (a mud-wrapped chicken eaten in China), and Knoblauchcremesuppe (an Austrian garlic cream soup). Fun!

Check it out: My City Cuisine

Do you research the local cuisine of your destination before you take a trip?

(Image: Flickr member ToastyKen licensed under Creative Commons)