Music to Cook By, Part I

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Aside from the Steely Dan mom rocked out to while she cooked, our first conscious encounter with music that heightens the cooking experience was in the film Big Night. Amazing Soundtrack. Rosemary Clooney’s gritty “Mambo Italiano” makes us want to get messy in the kitchen. It was also our first exposure to Louie Prima’s “Oh Marie” – a song that makes any complicated task seem possible.

From our first pass last Friday, here are some highlights of reader-recommended music for cooking:

• “Bon Jovi. nothing gets me slicing and dicing like “Bad Medicine” and a glass of chianti”
• “Tribe Called Quest to be bop to while you’re slicing peppers”
• “Bjork’s Debut for a little extra energy”
• “For clean up, 80’s heavy metal”
• “The Beatles for baking”
• “Some good rocksteady… maybe some Alton Ellis or The Ethiopians”
• “Carla Bruni should be played while cooking”

To be continued… keep up the thread!