Mushroom-Shaped Glasses Exist — And They’re Delightful for Coffee and Cocktails

published Mar 17, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Hot on the heels of the mushroom lamp resurgence, this quirky, cap and stem shape is now sprouting up in glassware form. I don’t just mean mushroom-printed drinking glasses either; I’m talking about enjoying your tea, orange juice, wine, and even water from an actual mushroom-shaped vessel. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

Credit: Etsy

I first caught wind of this trend via TikTok, the land of all things cool and attention-grabbing. Here, user @daisyjanelle shared a video of her disco-infused coffee routine last month, which incorporates one of these cutely-shaped cups. The post shows her stirring an iced latte, whipped cream topping and all, within the mushroom glass using an equally adorable orange straw. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, you have to admit this looks downright delightful to drink from — and honestly just to hold, too. I mean, think about the epic cheers-ing potential mushroom-shaped glasses offer. The post also uses the popular TikTok sound that says “the algorithm lumps us together based on common interests and categories, which means that I’m on your For You Page right now … you’re like me.”

Does my own TikTok algorithm know me better than I may know myself? Maybe. One thing I did know was that I had to put my Shopping Editor prowess to the test and find out where to get these vintage-inspired glasses ASAP. The original TikTok user actually responded to a few comments on her video suggesting typing “mushroom cup” into Etsy — and ding, ding, ding — I found a lot of contenders. One Chicago-based seller specifically, Filtrum, carried an assortment of hand-blown mushroom motif glasses and best-selling mini mushroom vases (!!!) for less than $20.

The 8.5 ounce listing shown above, currently on sale for 15 percent off, features two- or four-piece buying options, as well, both on sale for $23.79 and $46.74 respectively. What’s better than one mushroom glass? A set of mushroom glasses, of course! These pieces make prime bar cart decor and conversation-starting party accessories. All quantities are available in 16 ounces, too, starting at $19.54 for an individual glass.

Within Etsy, I also had luck searching for “mushroom drinking glasses,” which led me to a very cute polka dot variation. Lucky for you, even more retailers are hopping on the mushroom bandwagon. You’ll come across equally affordable options via Walmart and Amazon to top off your glassware collection. Mushroom-shaped bottoms up, everyone!

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: If You’re Not Drinking Out of Mushroom Glasses, You’re Doing Coffee and Cocktails All Wrong