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This One-Pan Mushroom and Steak Recipe Is Calling Your Name

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Credit: The Recipe Critic

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Flank steak is a great way to mix up proteins during the week, so your dinner isn’t all chicken, every day. It’s a comparatively inexpensive cut of beef, and I find it way easier to cook than chicken, because you don’t need to worry nearly as much about getting the meat to the exact right temperature.

If you slice the steak into thin strips — as in this fresh, flavorful, and keto-friendly recipe for lemon garlic steak with sautéed mushrooms — they’re a cinch to cook quickly so you can have dinner on the table in less than half an hour.

Marinating the steak in fresh lemon juice and soy sauce before cooking helps tenderize the meat and infuse with lemony, buttery, garlicky flavor. Try not to skip that step, even if you’re in a hurry, because the author says it’s an absolute must for this dish.

To make the marinade, combine soy sauce, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and olive oil in a zip-top bag with some minced garlic, freshly ground black pepper, salt, and a bit of red pepper to give it some kick. Then put your steaks in the bag, seal it, and squish the bag around a bit to make sure the steaks get fully covered in the marinade. Let the steaks marinate for at least 30 minutes, but you could let them marinate overnight if you like.

Take the steaks out of the marinade and slice them into thin strips. Make sure to cut the strips across the grain of the meat, not parallel with it. Cutting parallel with the grain can leave you with a mouthful of tough, chewy steak — not the tender, juicy slice you want. At this point, you can go ahead and throw away the rest of the marinade because you won’t need it later.

In a skillet or cast iron pan, heat some olive oil and add the steak strips with some minced garlic, and let them cook until the steak is cooked to your desired degree of doneness.

Set the cooked steak aside and add sliced mushrooms to the pan, without cleaning out any of the leftover oil or browned bits from the pan. Cook the sliced mushrooms until they’re tender and browned, then take them out of the pan and set them aside with the steak.

Deglaze the pan with some chicken broth, butter, and fresh lemon juice to make a sauce. You can add some red pepper flakes too. Let the sauce simmer for just a minute, then add the steak and mushrooms back to the pan and toss them in the lemon juice, garlic, and butter mixture until heated through, and serve immediately.

Get the recipe: Lemon Garlic Butter Flank Steak with Mushrooms from The Recipe Critic

Credit: Joe Lingeman

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