Munch & Mingle: Grill Food You Can Eat with Your Fingers

updated May 13, 2022
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We’ve talked about melamine plates and other alternatives for paper plates, but what about no plates at all? Especially at a barbecue, when it’s okay to drop things on the ground, finger food is very welcome. But we’re not talking tea sandwiches. These finger foods are hot off the grill.

Speaking of… let’s not go grabbing things right off the grates. Let these things cool a few minutes before you offer them to your guests. But we like the idea of eat-as-you-go foods for a casual cookout, and you can always end with popsicles.

Chicken drummies. Easy to pick up, and you can fit a ton of them on a grill.
Asparagus. Even when we cook these for a more formal dinner, we end up eating them with our fingers. As long as you stick to the one you touch, you can just pluck these from a big platter.
Shish kabobs. Keep the cubes of meat and veggies small, so people can just pull them off with their teeth.
Corn on the cob. Stick a skewer or holder in one end (you can also cut them in half so they’re not overwhelming and heavy).
Grilled pizza slices. Try this Potato, Gorgonzola, and Prosciutto one.
Shrimp. We loved the look of


Fruit halves. These are great
topped with boozy whipped cream, but you can also pick up a peach half and eat it as-is.

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