Multitasking Meals: Eating Breakfast at the Office

published Apr 6, 2010
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Working in an office usually means eating your mid-day meal away from home, but what about breakfast? Do you prefer to eat before you leave for the day or have a little something at your desk?

Breakfast at your desk can be a nice way to ease into the day. Going through the morning’s e-mails is always a little more enjoyable with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

But unless you’re buying a muffin or bagel on the way into work, an office breakfast requires a bit of planning – either stocking your supplies for the week or bringing them in daily. It also depends on the kitchen facilities available to you. If you have a refrigerator, toaster and microwave available, there are more options available.

I usually see the office toasters at work in the mornings, warming up bread, bagels and Pop-Tarts. The hot water for tea can be used for making instant oatmeal, and some people even keep boxes of cereal and milk on hand.

I will admit, my office breakfasts are usually a result of running late. I like to make smoothies at home, or have a bowl of yogurt, granola and fruit before I leave for the day. But when I’m in a rush, or low on supplies, I’ll grab a bagel and eat it at my desk. It definitely feels like a treat.

Do you like to eat breakfast at the office?

(Image: Flickr user Robert Banh, licensed under Creative Commons)