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This Super-Popular Cleaner Magically Restored My (Very Stained) Stainless Steel Sink

published May 16, 2022
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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub Powder is magical. I’ve seen TikTokers use it and friends recommend it, but it never seemed like something I desperately needed. Well, I’m here to tell you I was wrong. It is something I desperately needed. And here’s why.

When the can of cleaning powder (lemon verbena scent, yay!) I ordered came in the mail, let me just say that it had been a particularly rough week for my stainless steel sink. I had decided to paint one of the walls in my apartment and accidentally left my saturated paint brush in the sink for too long. (Bad idea.) Naturally, it was covered in what I had thought were permanent paint stains. It was also just fairly grimy. I was pretty sure the mess was beyond the help of a kitchen cleaner, but I figured I might as well give Mrs. Meyer’s a try.

Credit: Erica Finamore

I turned on the faucet and wet my sink a bit, then sprinkled the powder across the bottom and sides of the sink. I scrubbed using my Scrub Daddy sponge (which I also swear by), attempting to get an even coat on all of the stainless steel surfaces. I was impressed by how much gunk had come off even with just a simple scrub. Stainless steel gets dirty! For tougher stains, the people at Mrs. Meyer’s recommend you let the surface scrub powder sit for a few minutes and then come back, so that’s exactly what I did. After five minutes, I was scrubbing again. This time I used just a bit more elbow grease to see if I could get those paint stains out!

Credit: Erica Finamore
Look! Stuck-on food (and paint stains) disappear after cleaning with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Surface Scrub.

When I rinsed the powder away, I was amazed at how different my sink looked. The food stains were totally gone (even the stuck-on sauce stain I should have cleaned way earlier). But more than that, the stubborn paint stains were gone too. All that remained was my stainless steel sink with a few tiny paint splatters (I’ll work on those again later.). It took less than 10 minutes, total, to clean — and I was able to completely transform my sink! I seriously didn’t know results like this were possible. 

While I definitely don’t recommend painting your sink before trying this, Mrs. Meyer’s surface scrub deserves the hype. It’ll work wonders on stains — even ones caused by a forgotten paint brush!

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