Here’s How I Got Restaurant-Quality Meat Delivered to My Doorstep Without Breaking the Bank

updated Jun 5, 2020
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If you told me at the beginning of March that most of the nation would still be sheltering in place come June, I probably would not have believed you. We’ve been through a lot together over the past few months, from watching a deadly virus take over our communities to coping with empty aisles at the grocery store. And even though we’ve all had to adjust to a new kind of normal, it’s been comforting to hold onto familiar traditions during these chaotic times. For me, that means grilling! Once the warmer weather hits, I know it’s time to reignite my family’s favorite summer tradition. But this year, rather than rely on grocery stores for my meat, I decided to have it safely delivered right to my doorstep, courtesy of Mr. Steak’s online meat delivery service.

How Mr. Steak Works

Based out of Colorado and Chicago, Mr. Steak sources all of their meat directly from ranches within a 250-mile radius of Omaha, Nebraska. For the unacquainted, this belt of land is also often referred to as the Napa Valley of beef. All their meat is pasture raised and hand selected for quality, then shipped directly to you.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with Mr. Steak’s commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices. Their ranchers come from multigenerational family farms and are deeply dedicated to the humane treatment of their livestock. I received my neatly shipped delivery in a compostable green-cell foam cooler, which is a corn-based product that dissolves in water. Besides the very cool eco-friendly packaging, they also have carbon-neutral shipping on every single shipment. As an added bonus, for every box sold, Mr. Steak provides a meal to low-income families through Community Food Share

There are several curated options to choose from and prices start at $129 for fresh, grass-fed meat. You could also opt for the Build Your Box option, where you can choose between prime and choice cuts of your favorite products like rib-eyes, T-bones, burgers or even some more adventurous cuts like cowboy steaks, Kansas City strips and porterhouse steaks.

Personally, I decided to go with Build Your Box and added one bone-in rib-eye, one boneless rib-eye, one T-bone, one packet of regular burger patties, one packet of brisket burgers and one flat iron steak to my box. So far my box has yielded five delicious meals for my family of four, and I still have a flat iron steak that I can’t wait to cook this weekend.

Is the Meat Delicious?

This is my first-ever online meat delivery service, and I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. The quality of the meat stood out as soon as I pulled the products from the box. When compared to regular supermarket meat, Mr. Steak’s meat had great color and every piece was beautifully marbled.

I cooked my first T-bone within minutes of receiving the box, and in my house, you can always tell something is good by the amount of “mmm mmmm” you hear at the dinner table. Taking that into account, I have to say this was a pretty solid cooking win for me! I also decided to split the meat and cooked some over the grill and the rest in my cast-iron skillet, and have had successful, scrumptious results every single time.

Plus, as a busy mom of two, I appreciate the fact that the regular burger patties, as well as the brisket burgers, were delivered pre-portioned, saving me so much hassle, especially during busy weeknights.

Is Mr. Steak Worth the Money?

Since I haven’t started going to the grocery store just yet, I appreciate the convenience of having a box of affordable, restaurant-quality meat safely delivered to my door every few weeks. Additionally, their focus on sustainability, carbon-neutral shipping and community outreach makes me feel incredibly good about giving them my business. If you’re interested in trying out Mr. Steak for yourself or gifting it to loved ones, they’re currently offering one free 12-oz. boneless rib eye on all orders from now until June 21. Just type in the code FATHERSDAY during checkout. As for me? I’m already looking forward to my second box!

Have you tried Mr. Steak or another online meat delivery service? We would love to hear all about it!