These Reusable Cloths Have More Than 21,000 Five-Star Amazon Reviews — and Will Save You So Much Money

published Apr 26, 2021
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So you’re about to tackle a cleaning task — what do you reach for first? A rag? A sponge? A roll of paper towels? If you’re thinking “well, it depends on what I’m cleaning,” then you probably haven’t discovered the wonders of microfiber. Known for their versatility, microfiber cloths effectively clean multiple surfaces when both dry and wet, and they’re reusable. Best of all, you can find some reliable versions at super-affordable prices. Perfect example: These top sellers from Amazon come in a pack of 12 for only $11.99! Yes, you did the math right, that’s only one dollar per cloth. And if the price didn’t already tempt you enough, they come in bright, happy colors and have over 21,000 (!!) five-star ratings. So, let’s take a few minutes to discuss just why these microfiber workhorses are, as one reviewer notes, “the best cleaning product I have bought in ages!”

These microfiber cloths are multipurpose masters for any surface or room in the house. When dry, they are magnets for dust and won’t leave behind any lint like a cotton rag or paper towel could. The soft polyester and nylon blend means you can polish the fingerprints off of your silverware and make those wine glasses sparkle like crystal even if they aren’t. They are also super soft and non-abrasive, so you can dust your glass counter or wipe down a porcelain dish without worrying about damaging them. Bonus: If you have sensitive hands, no more bleeding cuticles after a tough scrub.

Speaking of tough scrubs, throw away that smelly sponge and try these towels on a dinner mess. They can tackle hard tasks like greasy pots, pans or stovetops. As one reviewer notes, “One of my very favorite things about these cloths is how easy it is to clean greasy stovetops (after frying bacon) or a particularly greasy dish.” If you’ve ever used too much elbow grease to tackle counter grease, you might be pleasantly surprised that “with these cloths, they clean up the grease the first time and I am left with a sparkling stovetop every single time.”

Microfiber is also highly absorbent, which means it can dry your dishes or suck up spills without high-priced paper towels. And since they are reusable, you just toss them in the washer, and they are good to go again and again (as long as you take the time to read the washing instructions, FYI). Plus, since you’re buying a 12-pack, you don’t have to worry about what task or room to tackle next; there’s always another one handy. As another reviewer explains, “They really do make a difference in efficiency and require less strength and less cleaning product to scrub everything clean. I used them on everything — sinks, tubs, cupboards, chairs, walls, etc.”

So, if you’re ready to replace grimy sponges (who isn’t?) and stop wasting money on paper towels, these microfiber cloths can tackle pretty much every cleaning task in the house with ease. And they’re not too hard on the eyes — or the wallet — either.