Mother’s Day Treat: Bouchon Bakery Strawberry Paddies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Remember those Rice Krispie eggs from Bouchhon Bakery that we showed you around Easter? That was a rather easy recipe for colorful crispy eggs. This is one more recipe from Bouchon Bakery. They have these on sale for Mother’s Day, but here we have their secret recipe. It’s a little more complicated than the Krispie eggs, but it’s also a fascinating look inside how professional confections are made.

These Strawberry Paddies were created by Sebastien Rouxel, pastry chef at Bouchon Bakery. And yes, while the innards oozing out so temptingly look just like caramel, they really are strawberry, made with fondant and intense strawberry flavoring. These are a special offering just for Mother’s Day, but with the help of a little confectionery wizardry you can create these whenever.

These call for an unusual ingredient, well for the home cook anyway. It’s called invertase, and it’s a natural enzyme that when mixed with fondant converts the fondant from a rather chewy and hard substance to something melting and creamy. It’s a little magic trick in the confectioner’s toolbox. You can find invertase at Baker’s Nook:

Invertase, $1.69

You can also find the dehydrated strawberry powder through pastry supply stores.

If these are a little complicated for you, then try our DIY Peppermint Patties instead.

Bouchon Bakery Strawberry Paddies
makes about 20

1000g fondant
2tsp invertase
4Tb balsamic vinegar
1Tb strawberry reduction
2tsp dehydrated strawberry powder
Dark Chocolate, tempered, As needed

1. Heat the fondant over a water bath to 160F
2. Add balsamic vinegar, strawberry reduction, dehydrated strawberry powder and invertase to the fondant. Mix well.
3. Pour the fondant into a piping bag. Deposit into a round molds (2 3/8″ x 1/2″) and allow them to set.
4. Remove the strawberry paddies from the mold and coat in tempered chocolate.

(Image: Bouchon Bakery)