The 6 Most-Viewed Cooking Videos on YouTube

published Jul 19, 2018
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We are living in the golden age of cooking videos. Whether they’re watching for entertainment or food inspiration, or as an aid in meal creation, more people are tuning in to cooking videos than ever before.

According to a study conducted by Millward Brown Digital, Firefly, and Google in 2014, nearly half of all adults watch food videos on YouTube, with millennials watching 30 percent more food content than other demographics.

Are you wondering which recipes and cooking tutorials people return to YouTube to watch again and again? We looked through YouTube, SocialBlade, ChannelMeter, and StatFire to figure out the most-viewed cooking videos available on the YouTube. Here’s what we found.

The queen of baking, Rosanna Pansino, tops our list for the most-viewed cooking video on YouTube. I mean, this video kind of has it all, right? And it’s Frozen, so you know it appeals to a huge demographic — even if you don’t want to actually make the cake, you want to see how it turns out.

Pansino also has some other wildly-popular videos, but we wanted to share the love a little bit on this list.

The internet is obsessed with life hacks of all kinds. From rolling dough out with a wine bottle to separating eggs with a plastic water bottle to peeling potatoes and hard-boiled eggs efficiently, this video covers all the creative cooking hacks you could ever need to know.

The most important part of making any scrambled egg is to stop it from overcooking, according to Gordon Ramsay. In this video, which was uploaded in 2011, he demonstrates how to make the perfect scrambled eggs by cooking them in a pot, not a pan. The highlight of the video is when Gordon Ramsay burns his toast. That’s right, even one of the world’s most celebrated chefs makes mistakes in the kitchen.

4. Minecraft Cake Village (26M views)

From the popular baking channel How to Cook That, Ann Reardon guides viewers in this somewhat-geeky video and demonstrates how to make an epic Minecraft village out of cake. The recipe doesn’t use fondant — just frosting, chocolate, sprinkles, and a whole lot of patience.

From the channel Eugenie Kitchen (1.1M subscribers), host Eugenie shows how to make the perfect tamagoyaki, a type of Korean-style omelet. The video is oddly relaxing, with soothing background music and instructions given in a soft-spoken voice. It’s no wonder it’s so popular.

Don’t think frying bacon can get any better? Have you ever tried cooking it in water? America’s Test Kitchen struck gold with this seemingly simple 51-second video, which demonstrates a technique for getting perfectly crispy (yet still tender) bacon. The video garnered a lot of attention, with plenty of opinions landing in the comments.

What’s your favorite YouTube cooking video?