I’m a Cleaning Expert and These Are the 8 Supplies I’m Using More Now than Ever Before

updated Sep 8, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

We all know (or at least feel like) we’re cleaning more than ever, especially as many of us are still working from home. There’s the never-ending pile of dishes from the countless (and messy!) meals. There are the spills and stains that are bound to happen with more people at home. There’s the tracked-around dirt. There’s the clogged-up coffee maker from months of overuse. There’s … well, you get it.

I know I’ve definitely been cleaning more than ever before. And it’s been fun (I’m using that word very loosely because, well, I don’t remember what fun is) to see which cleaning tools and solutions I reach for again and again.

See, I test a lot of new sprays, potions, gadgets, brushes, and such for work as a cleaning writer. Some things make my cleaning caddy, some things I give away, and some things I hold on to use again later. What have I been using lately? It’s a mix of new things plus the tried-and-true stuff. Let’s take a look.

1. Microfiber Cloths

The M.V.P. of my kitchen, by far, is my collection of microfiber cloths. I love using them for any mess I can find — the counter, my coffee table, inside the fridge, etc. — and my favorite part is that because they’re so great at picking up grime and dirt, you don’t need to use a cleaning solution. (Obviously, the exception here is when you’re trying to sanitize and disinfect, in which case you need a disinfectant. If you’re wondering, I love these disinfectant wipes and have also been using them on repeat.) I’ve been color coding my microfiber cloths to prevent cross-contamination germs, and it’s been working well.

2. My VaBroom 

It’s a broom, but also, it’s a vacuum! I don’t mind sweeping into a dust pan, but when I saw the VaBroom on an Instagram ad a few months ago, I knew I had to try it. It works better than I had hoped: You just sweep your debris into a line, then press the vacuum part onto the ground to suck it up. It makes the chore, which I’ve been doing a few times a day these last few months, extra easy. And honestly, kinda fun! I highly recommend it.

Credit: Cat Meschia

3. Vinegar 

There are very few times when vinegar won’t be your answer. Coffee maker starting to make a weird-tasting brew? Run some vinegar through the machine. Dishes coming out of the dishwasher all cloudy? Pour some vinegar into a bowl on the top rack. Shower head spraying all over the place? Soak it in some vinegar. I have been going through so many bottles. Good thing this stuff is cheap!

4. Amodex 

Patric Richardson, also known as the Laundry Evangelist, introduced me to my absolute favorite stain remover. I use Amodex on all sorts of stains — both fresh and set! For example, it somehow erases pen and even Sharpie from clothes or upholstery. The most common way I use it, though, is to get stains out from my light gray couch. (Note to self: Enforce a no-food-on-the-nice-couch rule.)

5. My Teeny, Tiny Vacuum 

I have a tiny, palm-sized vacuum that I love to use in places my big vacuum won’t reach. My favorite uses so far include sucking up crumbs from inside my oven and inside my microwave. It’s also super helpful for using on the counter after I’ve made multiple batches of crumby toast, too!

6. Stainless Steel Wipes

When we moved into our new house a few months ago, my stainless steel appliances were spotless. Add dirty kids’ hands to the mix, and any spotless surface only stays that way for so long. The quickest and most effective way I’ve found to make a stainless steel appliance look good as new? These Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes, which my grandma of all people put me on to!

7. Magic Erasers

Our new house also has newly painted white walls, which started to look not newly painted the day we moved in. Magically, the Magic Eraser can make scuffs and crayon marks disappear. You can find me with a Magic Eraser in hand at least once a week these days.

8. Dawn Dish Soap

I use classic blue Dawn for my dishes, of course, but I love to put it to work anytime I need degreasing power! Unlike all-purpose spray, dish soap cuts right through grime. A few drops in warm water gives me just what I need to wipe down my grease-splattered backsplash and cabinets.

Are there any cleaning supplies that you have been using more than ever? Tell us about them in the comments below.