This Is the Most Popular Sauce Recipe on Pinterest

This Is the Most Popular Sauce Recipe on Pinterest

Elizabeth Licata
Jul 29, 2018
(Image credit: The Novice Chef)

I had a friend in college who said her favorite comfort food was butter. I wasn't surprised when she said that, because I figured that butter is pretty much everyone's favorite comfort food — we just usually do things with it first.

But not my friend. I found out later that her favorite snack was to peel a stick of Land O'Lakes and eat it like a carrot. Sometimes she'd dip the end in sugar for a treat, but really, she was just as happy to eat the whole stick of cold butter. I can't stop thinking about her today, because I just read about the most popular steak sauce recipe on Pinterest and she would really love it.

This "Oh My!" steak sauce from The Novice Chef isn't just the most popular steak sauce — it's the single most popular sauce recipe on Pinterest. "Sauce" is a huge category, too; it contains everything from hot fudge to yogurt sauce to melted cheese, and of all those things Pinterest likes this buttery steak sauce the best. It's been saved more than 49,000 times, and it's easy to see why, because it's pretty much just melted butter with flavorful mix-ins.

See it on Pinterest: "Oh My" Steak Sauce from The Novice Chef

"It is so loaded with flavor and I have yet to find anyone who can resist it," Jessica from the Novice Chef writes. "Every single time we have guests over and I serve this steak sauce, they BEG for the recipe!"

It's very easy to make, because the recipe just calls for melted butter to be whisked together with some shallot, chives, garlic, horseradish, Dijon mustard, fresh thyme, and cayenne pepper.

The melted butter sauce can be served right away, but the author recommends letting it sit for 10 minutes so the butter will cool off enough to thicken just a bit. Then you just use it as a dipping sauce for steak, vegetables, chicken, or whatever else you might want to dip in spicy butter.

The sauce is gluten-free, low-carb, and Keto-compliant and, according to the comments, people have really been loving it.

"I made this tonight and it was phenomenal," one commenter says. "We just started the keto lifestyle and my husband ate keto and didn't even know it. I poured this on our veggies too like you suggested and they were amazing. I could drink this stuff straight!"

(Image credit: Christine Han)

What's your favorite sauce recipe?

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