Our 10 Most-Saved Recipes of All Time

updated Jun 26, 2019
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Credit: Leela Cyd

We’ve published thousands of recipes here at Kitchn, but a handful of them truly stand out as our readers’ favorites. Thanks to our handy Save Post functionality — which took a short hiatus for a bit while we spruced up the site, but is now fully back in action! — we can track which recipes you’re saving, loving, and coming back to again and again.

Curious what the most-saved Kitchn recipes of all time are? Not surprisingly, the 10 listed here are mostly classics with some delicious twists!

How Do You Save Kitchn Recipes to Your Own List?

Did you know that you can save recipes, cooking lessons, and stories on Kitchn? Just click the red bookmark icon at the top of any post (on the right-hand side of your screen below the title, next to the social sharing icons) to save it for later. When later comes, click on your profile to see your saved list.

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Chicken breast is a dinner workhorse, and having tender, juicy pieces to put on top of salads or pasta dishes makes mealtimes easier. When it comes to making perfect chicken breast, this two-step method never fails.

Credit: Faith Durand

We often think of this slow cooker brisket as a holiday meal — it makes plenty and is a real showstopper — but the low heat of the slow cooker means you really can cook this year-round. Serve it thinly sliced on sandwiches on summer weeknights, or eat it warm in the cool of winter.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

No-knead bread is the perfect starter recipe for novice bakers, and this no-time version mixes up and bakes even faster. It is the perfect loaf of bread for any meal.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Everyone needs a back-pocket pizza sauce recipe, and this is ours. Made from canned tomatoes and pantry staples, it never disappoints!

Credit: Joe Lingeman

There is a lot to love about this pasta salad. The briny olives and feta play sweetly with the crisp broccoli and tender pasta. Plus you can scale this recipe up or down to feed a small family or a crowd.

Credit: Faith Durand

Make-ahead, easy casserole, ham and Gruyère cheese — this breakfast bake has it all. We’re partial to making this for holiday brunches, but it works well for weekly meal prep too.

This quick and tasty taco recipe is a classic every cook should know. Mix up a cool coleslaw and quickly cook your favorite fish for an easy dinner everyone will love. And you didn’t even have to leave the house for it!

A homemade cheese seemed like a surprise entry on our list of most-saved recipes, but just think of all the times you’ve found yourself needing ricotta for a recipe and not having it on hand and you’ll understand why so many readers saved it.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Layers of roasted vegetables and lush cheese make it really clear why this meatless lasagana is often saved (and has been made over 160 times).

Remember what I said about chicken being a dinner staple? Well, here’s another great cooking lesson to make that happen. You’ll never overcook chicken again with this simple poaching method!

Do you have a Kitchn recipe you’ve saved and come back to over and over? We’d love to hear about it!