Our Most Popular Recipes This Year (So Far)

published Jul 27, 2023
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Blueberry Dump Cake baking dish, bowl with one piece cut out with vanilla ice cream
Credit: Meleyna Nomura

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the 2023 year, and it’s even harder to believe that just in the last six months alone, The Kitchn has shared nearly 200 new recipes. We think they are all gems — but then again, we could be biased.

As we take a moment to look back at the first half of this year, one thing is very evident: The readers and editors of The Kitchn love a good sweet treat. From pies and cobblers to cakes and cookies, desserts take up a large amount of real estate on the most popular recipes ranking month after month. 

But there were also plenty of incredible appetizers, dinners, and side dishes that made the list too. Heavy-hitters included warm steak sandwiches made only with ingredients from Costco, two-ingredient chicken thighs, and lots of pasta

Let’s dive into all of our most popular recipes of 2023 so far. Disclaimer: If you had plans to order takeout or eat out tonight, we suggest you consider otherwise. 

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Blueberry Dump Cake
You only need four ingredients for this summer dessert: blueberry pie filling, cake mix, butter, and fresh or frozen blueberries.
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Strawberry Delight
Strawberry Delight is a charmingly pink no-bake dessert packed with six layers (yes, six) of creamy, dreamy berry goodness.
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Cowboy Butter

A mixture of butter, lemon, herbs, and spices are melted together for an easy compound butter dipping sauce for steak, vegetables, or bread.

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Bow Tie Pasta Salad
Your cookout isn’t complete with a big-batch of pasta salad dressed in zesty vinaigrette and tossed together with a rainbow of fresh vegetables.
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One-Pot Penne with Creamy Basil-Garlic Sauce
This creamy basil garlic pasta with green vegetables and crispy breadcrumbs is a weeknight dinner crowd-pleaser.
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Cucumber-Onion Salad
When you need a refreshing, easy side, look no further than this cucumber salad, which is crunchy and pairs well with any summer food.
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Copycat Costco Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie
This copycat version of the viral Costco peanut butter pie might just be better than the original.
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Brown Butter Za’atar Pasta

Strands of spaghetti or bucatini are tossed with brown butter that’s infused with za’atar, lemon juice, Parmesan, and a mix of fresh herbs.

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Hugo Cocktail
A fresh and floral Italian cocktail featuring elderflower syrup, prosecco, and soda water.
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Zucchini is the star in this rustic, low-effort Italian pastry originating from the Tuscany region.
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Chocolate Cobbler
A fudgy, molten cross between a chocolate cake and a pudding.
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Lemon Icebox Pie
No-bake lemon icebox pie has a creamy bite from cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and lemon juice and zest — topped with Cool Whip or whipped cream.
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Shrimp Salad
A delicious mayonnaise-based shrimp salad that you can serve over toast, on a bed of salad greens, or on a buttered roll for a quick, satisfying summer meal.
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Two-Ingredient Chicken

This budget-friendly dinner is everything — fatty, tangy, slightly sweet, and spicy — and it comes together using just two ingredients.

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Costco Warm Steak Sandwich

A quick, super-flavorful warm steak and cheese sandwich meal made with ingredients from Costco.

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Blueberry Cookies
These naturally blue two-bite blueberry cookies are studded with blueberries and white chocolate chips.
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Chicken Sliders
For the best-ever chicken sliders, mix shredded chicken with mayo, sour cream, and scallions. Melty cheese and buttery rolls take things to the next level.
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Brazilian Caipirinha
The caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, has only three ingredients, comes together in five minutes, and is made in the same glass you drink it from.
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Carne Asada
A citrus and garlic marinade flavors this tender grilled steak.
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Lemon Posset
A creamy no-bake pudding that bursts with bright notes of zesty lemon.
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Shoyu Chicken
A simple dish that’s beloved in Hawaii featuring bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs simmered in a salty-sweet combination of soy sauce and brown sugar.
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