The Most Popular Celebrity Chef in Every State

(Image credit: Jeff Lewis / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Everyone has a favorite celebrity chef. You might watch Giada on occasion, but you’re really obsessed with Bobby Flay. Maybe you dabble in Rachael Ray, but Ina Garten is your one true queen. To see how our favorite cooks stack up against each other, DirectTV created a map of the top celebrity chefs in every state. Do you think they got it right?

(Image credit: DirectTV)

Far and away the winner is Anthony Bourdain, whose wonderful show Parts Unknown is airing its last episodes for the star posthumously. He’s very popular on both coasts and the South, taking the top spot in 11 states, including California and Texas.

Runner up is the chef that looks just like my ex-boyfriend from college, Alton Brown. The science-loving, single-use-utensil-hating host of Good Eats is quite popular in the Northwest and Midwest, where they probably watch a lot of Iron Chef America because he doesn’t look like their ex-boyfriends to them. Enjoy, Montana.

They’re followed up by Southern fave Anne Burrell, of Worst Cooks in America, and Baltimore’s Duff Goldman is an Ace of Cakes (read: a fan favorite) in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Kansas.

The original hosts of The Great British Baking Show, Paul Hollywood and his former partner-judge Mary Berry (please, take a minute to sob like I just did), both made the list, despite not even working much in the States. While Berry holds on to a single state (Vermont), Hollywood must be sending a lot of “buttered buuuns” to the Pacific Northwest, where he and his signature icy glare dominate. Caramel day on GBBO wouldn’t exist without Carême, so shine on, Hollywood.

Familiar famous faces are popular in states they share a connection with: Martha Stewart and Maine are a very good thing, Masaharu Morimoto has Hawaii, and Michael Symon holds on to his Ohio birthright.

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