Here Are the Most Popular Types of Casseroles in Each State, According to Google

published Nov 23, 2021
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Chrissy Teigen's green bean casserole in baking dish with serving scooped out and serving spoon on side of dish.
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman | Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk
Chrissy Teigen’s Green Bean Casserole Is Crispy, Creamy, and Full of Cheese

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, there’s a good chance you’ve turned to a search engine a time or two for recipes, decor ideas, cocktail tips, and more. While conducting online research though, have you ever wondered what other Turkey Day enthusiasts are searching for? If you have, you can now wonder no more. Google Trends has released this year’s data on America’s Thanksgiving search habits, and the results are fascinating as always.

The data is collected from November 18th through Thanksgiving (so it is still ongoing) and gives us a clear picture of what’s trending this year as well as what dishes are popular regionally. While some of the info is smack-your-forehead dull (the top question asked lately is “when is Thanksgiving?”), there were some fun food-related surprises to be had.

Take the casserole map. Yes, I said casserole map (be still my heart). Google created a map of the United States that is color-coded based on each state’s top-searched casserole type. Some regions are united, like the Mountain West states all searching various green bean casseroles, and the Great Lakes going for corn or potato casseroles (gotta do something will all of that corn and potatoes). But did you know that broccoli casserole is sweeping the Thanksgiving table in the Southern states? And squash casseroles reign supreme from South Carolina to Florida?

Credit: Google

The Northeast is all over the place, however, with a couple of states only concerned about what to do with their leftovers. States like Missouri stand alone with their preference being green rice casserole and North Carolina with pineapple casserole.

While we may have our differences when it comes to casseroles, there are a few other dishes that do seem to unite us. According to the Thanksgiving Trends report, America seems to be excited about smoked turkey this year (or at least using Google to that effect), with it beating out roasted and fried searches everywhere except the Northeast. Pumpkin pie is the top-searched pie followed by pecan, and sangria is the number-one searched drink.

With all of the stress of holiday prep and getting ready for the big meal, it’s nice to remember that everyone’s in the same boat, frantically searching Google for the perfect recipe. If you need some last-minute inspiration, why not start here?