20 Game-Changing Amazon Products We Loved in 2021 — Starting at Just $5

updated Dec 28, 2021
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Credit: Lana Kenney

Believe it or not, the end of 2021 is just around the corner. Here at Kitchn, we’re reflecting on all the little things that made cooking and eating during another difficult year a whole lot more fun, efficient, and creative. From a handy butter spreader to a Hasselback potato tool, we fell in love with lots of items that were total game changers for our kitchen routines. And luckily for us, you can find them all on Amazon. Below, we’ve rounded up the top 20 gadgets, utensils, tools, and more that made our kitchens and our readers’ kitchens even happier places in 2021 and in the years to come.

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was $24.99

We promise that once you try these Swedish Dishcloths, you'll find yourself giving up paper towels completely (or at least partially). They're a joy to use — and reuse, since you can just toss them in your dishwasher or washing machine for easy cleaning.

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There's nothing as frustrating as a jumble of mismatched measuring spoons cluttering up your kitchen drawer. This brilliant magnetic measuring spoon set from Spring Chef is the solution we didn't know we needed. These double-sided spoons range from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon so you can tackle any of your measuring needs hassle-free.

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Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this simple brush for cleaning cast iron skillets. We tried it out, and we were very impressed. It's responsibly made, thoughtfully designed, and does a great job of keeping our cast iron in tip-top shape.

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was $25.99

These kitchen towels are an editor favorite and have a massive following on Amazon as well. They're 100 percent cotton and have a light weave that's very absorbent, yet allows for quick drying. Plus, they look nice and are one of the most affordable options out there.

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Is there anything better than buttered toast? The answer: No. This stainless steel butter spreader solves the age old toast-lovers' dilemma of cold butter. Tiny holes line the edge of this spreader, creating tiny spirals of butter that not only soften and smear easily, but also distribute the butter more evenly across your toast.

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Looking to add a little bit of fun to you dishwashing duties? Not only are these German-made sponges colorful, but these unexpected scrubbers are also miracle workers for cleaning greasy pots and pans. Lasting more than six months, these reusable sponges are a cute and practical no-brainer.

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Finding a sharp and durable knife can be a pricey endeavor. No longer! Stainless steel blades and comfortable wooden handles make up this surprisingly reliable cutting tool which comes in a pair for just $13.50. These 6.5-inch knives work for pretty much any cooking task, from effortlessly slicing through squash or root veggies to speedily chopping mounds of onions.

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was $21.99

Every baker needs a reliable set of baking pans, and this three-piece aluminum set from Nordic Ware is an Amazon top-seller for good reason. Included in this set is a quarter sheet, half sheet, and a jelly roll, all finished with encapsulated galvanized steel rims to prevent warping over time. Our Kitchn editors turn to this set time and time again as the perfect hostess gift or gift for our friends and family who love to bake.

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was $20.99

This editor-favorite kitchen thermometer is simple, quick, and reliable, plus it even has a magnet so you can stick it to your fridge for easy access and storage. It's great for checking to see if your steak is perfectly medium-rare, but it's also sturdy enough to be used for candy making and other baking tasks.

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Spud connoisseurs, rejoice! This handy tool makes it easy to transform a mediocre spud into a glorious crowd-pleasing hassleback potato. With a specialized blade and base, the slicer delivers a potato perfectly crispy and golden on the outside, while simultaneously keeping the inside smooth and creamy.

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The clear winner in a Kitchn Editor butter-spreader test, this special knife is simple and effective. The Zyliss tool's wide surface area efficiently smooths room temperature (or cold!) butter across toast, plus it works perfectly for mayo, mustard, peanut butter, or any other condiment you love to load onto your sandwich or toast.

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was $14.00

If you've ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, you know just how handy this cooking tool is! This heat-resistant, durable, dishwasher-safe cooking utensil helps you scoop out ravoili, lift fried chicken from hot oil, or strain greens from boiling water.

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Say goodbye to that sad browned avocado in your fridge. This Avocado Keeper not only keeps your avos green, but keeps them fresh, too. Simply place your halved avocado flesh side down, click on the sealed lid, and voilá! Stackable, dishwasher-safe, and reusable, this handy gadget keeps those precious avocados ripe.

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With a four-star average based on over 1,600 reviews, this Amazon find has special flagged bristles to cover more surface area as it efforlessly whisks dust and debris off of your kitchen or living room floor. With a comfortable grip, this affordable broom makes sweeping a true joy.

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was $23.99

This French butter crock is everything you need to enjoy the delicious staple that is beurre! With a butter filled-ceramic canister that is controlled by a surrounded water bath, this brilliant container will leave your butter ever-spreadable.

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With sharp stainless steel blades and a built-in herb stripper, these OXO shears are the perfect pair for home cooks. With micro serrated blades, you can easily cut through twine, herbs, bacon, lettuce, cheesecloth, you name it! Plus, they come apart for easy cleaning.

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was $27.99

Dirty, dusty floors won't stand a chance when this mop enters the picture. Reviewers love its slim, lightweight design and built-in cleaning solution tank. It’s easy to tuck away in a broom closet, with no big bucket taking up tons of space. Its washable mop head also slides off and on for quick, easy maintenance and care.

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was $28.55

Readers were obsessed with these magnetic racks that create storage out of unused space on your fridge. They’re the perfect find for a small kitchen by storing spices without taking up valuable cabinet, counter, or wall space. Plus, unlike traditional wall-mounted spice racks, these racks require no installation.

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How exactly can you use mineral oil? Let us count the ways. Whether you're looking to remove a price sticker from that new mug, oil and maintain wooden cutting boards or spoons, or clean a stainless steel appliance, this handy solution will do the trick.

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was $39.95

This fast and accurate kitchen scale is incredibly easy to use and was even named a Kitchn Essential for those of us who are semi-serious about baking. It has just two buttons (one for switching units of measure, and another to tare or power on and off), and also stays on for longer than most before automatically powering off.