Our 10 Most Popular 3-Ingredient Recipes of 2020

updated Dec 22, 2020
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We can all admit that there are times when the last thing we feel like doing is cooking, right? Sometimes it feels like there’s just too much time required, or a never-ending list of ingredients, and there are days when you’re just not in the mood for all of that. Therein lies the magic of three-ingredient recipes: simplicity.

Not only does the super-short ingredient list mean you’re likely to already have what you need, but there’s also usually not a whole lot of time or effort required. So, on days when you don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking, we’ve got you covered. From sheet pan gnocchi to family-friendly chicken dinners to magical sauces and more, these are our most popular three-ingredient recipes of 2020 to keep things fun and easy in the kitchen.

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The Ultimate Cacio e Pepe
This step-by-step guide will set you up for success if you're looking to make the easiest and very best cacio e pepe pasta.
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3-Ingredient Lemon Tahini Sauce
This versatile sauce is creamy without any oil; has just a hint of sweetness; and tastes great on sandwiches, salads, and more.
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Creamy Mushroom Garlic Sauce
Combine a few basic ingredients and you've got a rich, savory sauce that will turn basic chicken breast and pork chops into a wow-worthy dinner.
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Cacio e Pepe Farinata
Whether you call it socca or farinata, this gluten-free chickpea flour flatbread is the perfect appetizer or snack — especially when showered with Pecorino cheese and freshly ground black pepper.
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20-Minute Coconut Chickpea Curry
Use your favorite curry paste as a base for this one-pot weeknight wonder.
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3-Ingredient Baked Caesar Chicken
If you’re stuck in a dinner rut, here’s the no-muss, no-fuss, flavor-packed chicken dish that’s going to snap you out of it.
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Creamy Honey Mustard Sauce
Classic honey mustard sauce gets a creamy upgrade with the addition of Greek yogurt.
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Green Goddess Skillet Chicken and Veggies
A bottle of herby green goddess dressing from Trader Joe's plays both the marinade and sauce in this colorful chicken and radish skillet.
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Lemon Honey Sauce
This simple sweet-and-sour sauce makes a perfect partner to chicken breasts, grilled shrimp, or salmon.
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3-Ingredient Piña Coladas
Great piña coladas at home don’t actually require a laundry list of ingredients like you might think. Just grab a bag of frozen pineapple chunks, a can of full-fat coconut milk, and some white rum.
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