Morning Meditation: Food for the Journey

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re starting to wind down our Hungry Reader month here at the Kitchn, and as we look back over all these books that we’ve carried with us and loved, we see a very subtle theme. Whether it’s Gaylen and his Search for Delicious or a Frank and April’s move to France in Revolutionary Road many of our favorite books are about journeys.

Scenes of arrival and reunion are often celebrated with feasting and celebration. But what can be even more interesting and special is the food that sustains them on the way.

The question is, what sustains us on our journeys?

Maybe it’s morning coffee or the daily ceremony of preparing a salad. Maybe it’s a ziplock bag of almonds you always have in your backpack.

Maybe, like us, it’s a nicely buttered piece of toast. The quiet moments waiting for the toast to pop (usually reading a book!), spreading on the butter and watching it melt, eating the crust first and then the inside. Comforting and simple, this is the ritual that sustains us through our days.

So whether you’re traveling across country this week or embarking on new life adventure, let us know what you’re eating on your journey!