More Ways to Use BBQ Sauce Every Day

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did anyone have the chance to make some homemade barbecue sauce over the weekend? If you did, you’re probably eager for more excuses to slather on the sauce even when ribs aren’t on the menu! Here are a few ideas:

1. On Hamburgers and Hot Dogs – We love using BBQ sauce as a condiment just like ketchup! It’s fantastic with meats on or off the grill, and even adds some variety to grilled vegetables.

2. As a Dipping Sauce – Try dipping baked sweet potato fries in barbecue sauce and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. Instead of Tomato Sauce on Pizza – We started doing this one week when we realized we were out of tomato sauce and figured using BBQ sauce instead was worth a try. Turns out, it’s great! We actually like a mix of BBQ sauce and tomato sauce the best.

4. In Mac n’ Cheese – A spoonful of barbecue sauce adds just the barest hint of smoky sweetness to a bowl of mac n’ cheese – or any other pasta dish, for that matter!

5. With Beans – To spiff up a quick meal like beans on toast or beans with rice, we like to add a little BBQ sauce to the simmering beans. It adds flavor and turns a very basic meal into a great one.

What other ways do you use barbecue sauce in your daily cooking?

(Image: Flickr member René Ehrhardt licensed under Creative Commons)