More Than Skin Deep: The Right Beauty Regimen Starts with the Right Nutrition

published Jan 30, 2018
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When it comes to how you feel and look, what’s on the inside counts. Not in the trope-y sense, but in the literal way your nutrition affects your hair, skin, nails, etc. Cooking with high-quality ingredients and eating (mostly) healthy foods is a great start. But, some vital nutrients just can’t be readily accessed in food, and that’s where it gets tricky. Our wellbeing and appearance are often the first to suffer when there’s a nutrient imbalance.

Enter HUM Nutrition, pioneers who approach beauty through nutrition. While the beauty industry typically focuses damage control and covering up, HUM is working to make inner health the starting point of every beauty/self-care routine. Their focus is on prevention, long-term care, and feeling your absolute best.

But trying to figure out your exact nutritional needs on your own? That can seem pretty daunting. HUM removes all the guesswork of finding the best vitamins and minerals for your unique goals and lifestyle. You start by taking their three-minute quiz, and then their team of registered nutritionists will come up with a plan of personalized recommendations based on your your lifestyle, concerns, values and dietary preferences.

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Each product is developed using science-based and clinical-backed nutrition and is all-natural, sustainably sourced, non-GMO, free of artificial colors and preservatives, and free of common allergens like soy and gluten.

(Image credit: HUM Nutrition)

If you’ve ever struggled with bloating, breakouts, fatigue, or even just a bad hair day, you know it can sometimes be a challenge to feel good in your own skin. HUM targets these concerns (and others—they offer more than 30 supplement products!) with their beauty and wellness-boosting supplements, gummies and powders to help you look and feel your best from the inside out. Here’s a little sampling:

  • If you tend to get bloated and feel uncomfortably full, try Flatter Me Digestive Enzyme Blend before eating to help optimize protein, carb, fiber and fats breakdown and nutrient absorption which can reduce indigestion and bloating.
  • If you have skin concerns like dryness and dullness, think deeper than topicals. The plant-based omegas and antioxidants in Red Carpet can have an even more profound effect.
  • If you regularly feel tired and unfocused (like it’s 4pm every hour of the day), check out Uber Energy, a blend of adaptogens that helps naturally hold off fatigue, increase productivity, and help maintain calm in stressful situations.
(Image credit: HUM Nutrition)

Ready to get started? Their personalized quiz is free to take, and to make taking your vitamins easy and convenient, HUM offers flexible and affordable membership plans so you can maintain your healthy habits and beauty goals throughout the year. Plus you can use promo code KITCHN for 20% off your first order!

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