More Summer Cocktails

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Armed with all the fresh fruits and berries that are currently in season in California, we experimented with some new cocktail recipes over the weekend.

From left to right, the cocktails in the photograph above are:

Summer Watermelon Situation from the Food Network. Very light and fruity. Like drinking a watermelon!

Mint Julep Martini from Emeril Lagasse. It’s brown in this photo because we made our simple syrup from Demerara sugar instead of white sugar. This drink is delicious and strong, so watch out!

Blackberry Herb Cocktail from Epicurious. The kitchen smelled so good when we made the blackberry/rosemary syrup. We ended up with more syrup than we needed, and simply ate it with a spoon. Yum! The drink itself was very light and sweet.

Rosemary Ruby cocktail from Rachael Ray. Very simple to make, this involves making your own rosemary simple syrup (easy!) and combining it with vodka and red grapefruit juice. Refreshing on a hot day!

The Irma La Douce cocktail created by Lauren Clark & Misty Kalkofen for Salon’s summer 2007 cocktail contest. This was the surprise of the afternoon; we thought the ingredients sounded a bit disgusting when we first saw the recipe, to be honest. Cucumber, gin, and Chartreuse? It turned out to be very tasty, much to our shock.

Pimm’s Baby Blue from Amanda R. Hoskins for the Salon summer 2007 cocktail contest. We love Pimm’s Cups, and this refreshing twist adds muddled blueberries to a Pimm’s Cup.

(Image: Kathryn Hill). Recipes: Food Network, Emeril Lagasse, Epicurious, Rachael Ray, Lauren Clark & Misty Kalkofen, and Amanda R. Hoskins.)