More Spice Rack Fun: Anna’s Jars on the Hood

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love all the creative spice storage solutions our readers send in! We’ve seen quite a few lately, and here’s one more from reader Anna.

Anna writes:

Thanks for the post on the magnetic spice rack. We’ve been looking for a way to organise our spices for ages and this post inspired us to finally do something about the mess in our cupboard. We’ve tweaked our version of the magnetic arrangement a little and have put the magnets inside the spice jar lids (no glue required) and have stuck the jars to our range hood. It makes an interesting talking point for visitors.

We’re glad that the magnetic spice rack was inspiring, Anna! And great idea about putting the magnets inside the lids; very clever. Our only caution would be to only leave enough spices for a few weeks up there at a time, since the heat from the stove will degrade them eventually. But that’s not going to happen within a month or two, so having small amounts at arm’s length like this is so convenient!

(Image: Anna via email)