More Small Kitchens from Small Cool 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_04_13-SmallCoolThumbs.jpgReady for more Small Cool kitchens? Here’s a look at ten more kitchens from recent entries in this year’s Small Cool contest. Some are small as a shoebox; others are larger, and some even take up most of the apartment! Have a look – do you see any inspiring ideas in these?

We find it interesting to see how much people do (and don’t) prioritize their kitchen. Many entries don’t show their kitchens at all, while others seem to have designed their entire apartment around the kitchen. There are a couple of small apartments below with deceptively enormous kitchens; we were almost expecting a bed to fold down out of the cupboards in the architeCTS’s kitchen, for instance!

Like our previous swing through favorite Small Cool 2009 kitchens, these entries have been up for a little while, and the Thumbs Up voting is now closed. We hope that some of these make it into the finals! Do you have a favorite Small Cool 2009 kitchen so far?

• 1 Bernard’s Light and Bright Home – 450 sf in Saskatchewan
• 2 Lila’s Live / Work Studio – 240 sf in Princeton, NJ
• 3 Catherine’s Traditional and Modern – 528 sf in Somerville, MA
• 4 architeCTS’s Cohesive Whole – 540 sf in Des Moines, IA
• 5 aphleung’s Quebecois Home – 420 sf in Montreal, Quebec

• 6 Small Cool 2009: Carol’s Factory Windows – 500 sf in Jersey City, NJ
• 7 Sonia and Jesko’s Brooklyn Compact – 650 sf in Brooklyn, NY
• 8 Patti P’s Architectural Details – 430 sf in San Francisco, CA
• 9 Erica’s Green and Lean Bungalow – 850 sf in Costa Mesa, CA
• 10 Jordan’s Small Space Big View – 875 sf in San Francisco, CA

Watch out this week for more spotlights on cool features and good ideas from Small Cool entrants’ kitchens!