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updated Jun 4, 2019
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We’ve talked a lot about Rancho Gordo and their heirloom beans this month, and we’re not finished yet — there’s one more recipe from Heirloom Beans coming up this afternoon, and we’ve saved the best for last. So you know that we’re huge fans of Rancho Gordo and all the delicious flavor in their beans. But Rancho Gordo isn’t the only place you can find great beans for eating. Here are three more online shops that sell a wide variety of heirloom beans.

Seed Savers Exchange – Seed Savers is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to preserving heirloom varieties of American plants, seeds, and edible crops. They are based in Iowa, and you can buy plant cuttings, garlic bulbs, and seeds from them as well as eating beans. They have a large collection of popular heirloom beans available.

Native Seeds/SEARCH (Southwestern Endangered Aridlands Resource Clearing House) – This is another nonprofit that is dedication to conservation and documentation of agriculture and wild plants in the American Southwest and Northwest Mexico. They have a diverse store with many different products, including a small but interesting selection of heirloom beans.

Purcell Mountain Farms – Purcell Mountain sells organic and heirloom beans, rare varieties of lentils and wild rice, and corn posole. They have the largest selection of any of these vendors. It’s quite a list of beans!

Rancho Gordo – Based in Napa, California, where most of their beans are grown. They also sell a limited selection of New World foods like chilies, hot sauce, and popping corn.

The price for a pound of beans is fairly comparable at each of these shops — about $4-5.

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(Images: Seed Savers Exchange. Beans, from left to right: Green Flageolet, Black Calypso, and Dutch Bullet Bean)