More Men Proudly Imbibing Rosé

(Image credit: Caspar Diederik / Flickr)

For far too long, the story goes, men have shied away from rosé — the wine that’s earned its own catchphrase — for fear of being associated with such a “girly” drink, with its varying shades of sweetness and pink hues.

But gone are the days of this narrow-minded line of thinking. It’s time to embrace the era of brosé.

Having a renaissance of sorts in the last few years, rosé has become a complex contender that can hold its own in the wine world. According to a January 2015 Nielsen report, US retail sales of rosé wines — priced at or above $12 a bottle — grew by 41 percent on volume and 53 percent on value in 2014.

And as rosé gains in popularity, more men are bucking the silly notion that it’s a drink reserved only for women. They’re raising their glasses of #summerwater and happily toasting to beverage equality.