More Knife Sharpening Tips From Bob Kramer: How To Hone & Stone

published Aug 7, 2012
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Last week we shared Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer’s helpful advice on how to tell if your knife is sharp enough — but how do you sharpen your knife in the first place? Here are two more videos from Kramer demonstrating how to correctly hone and stone your knives, processes which take just a few minutes, but make such a difference in cooking.

Honing, done with a steel, straightens the edge of your knife after use. If even after honing your knife is not sharp enough, it is time to use a whetstone, which actually removes metal to form a sharp edge again. Kramer includes a lot of helpful tips in the videos above, such as using a matchbook to find the correct angle to hold your knife against the steel and stone, and using a kitchen scale to figure out the amount of pressure you should be exerting as you hone.

How often do you hone and stone your knives?

(Image: a katz/Shutterstock)