More DIY Gift Ideas: Best Recipes in a Jar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recipes in a jar – muffin mixes, cocoa mixes, soup mixes, and the like – are featuring big on our gift-giving list this year. They’re perfect for teachers, neighbors, and co-workers, and they look beautiful wrapped with just a simple bow. These ideas from the Food Network sound especially tasty!

We have a feeling these recipes were picked just as much for how striking they look layered in a beautiful canning jar as for how good they’ll end up tasting! Our favorites are the curried lentil soup (pictured above) and the holiday panettone. Both of these recipes are a little different from the usual and definitely won’t be sitting in someone’s pantry for long!

Take a Look! Sealed & Delivered: Recipes in a Jar from the Food Network

Each recipe comes with a handy printable gift tag that includes the specific recipe, what other ingredients will be needed (like milk or chicken broth), and a picture of the finished product.

What other recipes in a jar have become your favorite?