Moody Kitchens: Cooking with the Weather

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve noticed a lot of weather-related themes in our posts recently: baking in hot weather, grilling in the rain, drying fruits and vegetables in the summer sun. This got us thinking about the connection between the weather outside and what we feel like cooking.

Do food and weather make a different kind of food pairing?!

For us, we feel this goes beyond simply wanting fresh dishes when it’s hot and rich meals when it’s cold. We find that mood created by the weather outside ends up reflected in the food we feel like cooking.

When it’s raining and stormy, we always find ourselves craving chunky, flavor-rich soups or complicated braises. On a cool sunny day, we want to turn on the oven and bake something with comforting, straightforward flavors. Snowstorms bring on casseroles. Cloudy skies mean pasta.

Do you find yourself drawn to certain foods depending on what’s happening out your kitchen window?

(Image: Flickr members Fred Jala, gitsul., Lucky Tom, and *clairity* licensed under Creative Commons)