The “Most Delicious” Momofuku Noodles That I Eat Every Single Week Are on Major Sale Right Now

published Jun 28, 2024
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Close up view of garlic noodles topped with cheese and scallions.
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe ; Food Stylist: James Park

Sometimes (or most of the time), easy dinners are the only option. Life can get in the way, and after a long day, spending another hour or more in the kitchen isn’t ideal. However, saving time doesn’t mean that your dinner has to be subpar. There are a ton of items you can buy that will turn a simple, basic meal into one that’s restaurant-quality, and Momofuku has a ton of them. 

You’ve probably seen the name before on our site or elsewhere. After chef David Chang opened numerous acclaimed restaurants around the world, the brand extended its offerings to an online store, which includes top-notch noodles, sauces, toppings, and more. Two decades after the brand launched in 2004, the brand has cemented itself as a leader in the direct-to-consumer food space, earning rave reviews from shoppers. (My Kitchn teammates and I, included.) For its 20th anniversary, noodle bundles and more are up to 25% off for only a couple of days — so hurry and check out our favorites below!

1 / 7
was $126.00

We can’t get enough of the brand’s noodles and the chili crunch, so you can get the best of both worlds with this set that includes all of its top flavors. The noodles are a delicious meal on their own, but when you add the chili crunch, it’ll take it to the next level.

2 / 7
was $101.00

The bestseller pack includes 25 meals, or five of each flavor: Sweet and Spicy, Spicy Chili, Tingly Chili, Soy and Scallion, and Spicy Soy. When you do the math, each individual meal is ridiculously affordable. Also, each noodle pack cooks in five minutes, so you barely have to put in any effort. Add the soy sauce, chili crunch, and seasoned salt, and you’ll be golden.

3 / 7
was $78.00

You can’t go wrong with the classic variety pack, which includes all of the flavors in the brand’s lineup. When we tested them all for our Test Kitchn franchise, our team had nothing but good things to say about all of them, so I recommend grabbing this deal while it’s 10% off.

4 / 7
was $78.00

If spicy doesn’t gel with your taste buds, Momofuku has you covered with this bundle. The Sweet and Spicy noodles happened to earn the top spot in our Test Kitchn ratings — I thought the balance between both was perfect — and the Soy and Scallion wasn’t far behind.

5 / 7
was $48.00

You might be all set on noodles, but there’s still a great deal you should take advantage of: the Liquid Starter Pack. A major step up from what you’ll find at the grocery store, the soy sauce, tamari, toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar will transform any meal.

6 / 7
was $74.00

Another bundle you should stock up on is the Pantry Starter Pack, which includes three seasoned salts, chili crunch, and tamari and soy sauce. You can replace your basic salt and pepper with the seasoned versions, while the chili crunch can be sprinkled on eggs and dips. The soy and tamari pair with sushi, salad, and more.

7 / 7
was $61.00

You can also go with the variety pack of chili crunch, which will provide just the right amount of texture and heat to your dishes. “My absolute favorite dinner hack is cooking eggs or tofu scrambles in a hot pan with a spoonful of this chili crunch, then topping the eggs with more chili crunch when they come out of the pan,” our review of the Black Truffle flavor reads. “Serve with roasted potatoes or hash browns topped with a little more chili crunch and you’ve got the best breakfast-for-dinner around.”