I’m a Mom of 6 and This One Little Grocery Swap Saved Me $500 in a Single Month

updated Jun 17, 2021
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I didn’t grow up shopping at Aldi, the wildly popular grocery store that is known for great deals and fun products. In fact, it’s only in the last five years that the budget grocer has opened locations in Southern California where I live. While I used to shop a lot at Costco, I eventually started making the switch over to Aldi in 2016. It took me a few trips to get my bearings and learn the Aldi ways (yes, you’ll get your quarter back), but I’m a firm believer in it now. In fact, as a mom of six, Aldi is now my go-to grocery store. Here’s why.

1. It’s a quick stop.

Aldi stores are designed in such a way that you can get in and out quickly. Since they don’t offer a huge selection of like items — for instance, there is only one type of red wine vinegar — you don’t spend a lot of time making a decision. The store is meant to be grab-and-go.

2. It’s easy to delegate shopping to my kids.

Whether I send one of my teenagers to shop on his own or take a few with me to help me shop, I can easily delegate shopping and/or fetching items throughout the store. The store is small, so I know younger children are safe, and again, there aren’t a bazillion choices to be made, so it’s easier for everyone to grab the right thing.

3. It’s got its fair share of fun food.

While Trader Joe’s used to be our place for fun food, Aldi has proven its worth for new finds at better prices than Joe can offer. Our discoveries don’t always end up as favorites, but the cost is worth the risk. Pro tip: Be sure to grab a box of the Butter Cookies Coated with Dark Chocolate next time you’re there!

4. I can indulge my gourmet preferences for less.

I may be a budget shopper, but I still love to make fancier fare. The baguette, Brie, and goat cheese are fantastic at super-doable prices, and I can easily grab all the fixings for my pesto turkey panini in one go. The wine and cider options aren’t too shabby, either!

5. It has the best prices in town.

I make a habit of tracking grocery prices at my local stores so that I can stretch my grocery dollar in the best way possible. Over and again, Aldi has proven itself to offer the best prices. I know that I can fill my cart and still come in under budget. The first month that I did my regular shopping there, we saved $500 off our regular budget.

There isn’t an Aldi on every corner, or even in every state. My kids will attest to the fact that I did a happy dance when they built one near our home. If you have the opportunity, give it a fair shot: It won’t change your life, but it just may change your grocery budget.