Hero Mom “Dresses” Her Daughter in Clothing Good Enough to Eat

updated Sep 30, 2020
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When I was in elementary school, my mom sewed a lot of my clothes. She was especially into food-themed dresses, as was I. There was a picnic table dress with sandwich buttons, and a watermelon-printed dress with tiny watermelon wedge appliques, among others. I really thought I was all that and a bag of (sour cream and onion) chips.

Well, there’s a new food clothing queen now, and although she’s probably too young for entering the third grade or even reading, she’s taking the social media world by storm. The most inspiring part of this is that most of her clothing would barely even really cover her left foot.

Artist Alya Chaglar has really made this “food as clothing” thing her own. She has been using optical illusions to make it appear as though she dresses her adorable 3-year-old daughter, Stefani, in everything from watermelon to plants to cauliflower. You may ask how a tiny crudité or single flower can possible act as a party dress for a toddler but, well, the proof’s in the (adorable and edible) pudding.

In order to create this optical illusion, Chaglar holds up the object and then stands far away to make it seem like Stefani is really wearing this cute stuff. The distance of the camera lens to the piece of fruit or vegetable is minimal, so it makes the produce appear as large as a dress. In any case, it’s certainly large enough to fully, virtually, clothe Stefani.

Besides the delicious clothing, Chaglar also uses objects like orchids, plant fronds, and other flora to inspire her trompe l’oeil versions of haute kid couture.

You can see her many photos by following the hashtag #funnistefani or following their Instagram, @seasunstefani. It’s pretty impossible to ignore the cuteness, so prepare to say “awww” a lot.