This Might Be the Most Beautiful Set of Oil Dispensers in Existence

published Jul 11, 2023
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kitchen oil dispensers all holding different liquids
Credit: Jamie Allison Sanders

I’ve long been in search of that one kitchen accessory that’s as gorgeous as it is useful — the one that would actually make visitors stop in their tracks and say, “Wow, where did you get that?” Admittedly, my pre-pandemic life didn’t see me using my kitchen much — the adage of Carrie uttering in Sex and the City, “Of course I wouldn’t know about that, since I keep sweaters in my stove!” rang pretty true for me. But once I actually started cooking and baking, I found myself reaching for ingredients like olive oil and vegetable oil far more frequently, which meant I was in search of a gorgeous way to hold and display them on my gleaming white countertop.

Enter: the Molimoli Oil Dispensers (which happen to be on sale right now during Amazon Prime Day!). I never realized just how much a set of oil dispensers would change my life. Trite? Maybe. True? Definitely! This set has quickly become that pretty-and-useful kitchen item I’d always wanted. 

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I originally saw these oil dispensers in a friend’s Instagram story. While I wasn’t completely sold on them at first, it wasn’t because they didn’t seem useful or look absolutely stunning: It was because I wondered whether I truly needed them. However, I thought about the dispensers fairly often (okay, constantly) over the next week, and then decided to purchase them. “I guess I’ll see whether they’re really necessary once they arrive — I can always return them,” I said to myself as I clicked “Buy now.”

Well, guess what? No return necessary. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I fell in love as soon as I lifted the four glass dispensers out of the box. These oil dispensers are equal parts chic, glamorous, unique, and, of course, useful! I especially love the weighted gold pourers with rubber stoppers, which ensure that my oils stay safely guarded inside the bottles without any spillage.

But the true standout for these oil dispensers is the sheets of stickers declaring different oil and syrup necessities, which you can mix and match to your heart’s (and oil’s) content. I’m a sucker for clean fonts, and these stickers are just undeniably cool. From olive oil and vegetable oil to simple syrup and strawberry, there are so many different waterproof, stain-resistant sticker labels — 38 to be specific — to add to your dispensers and make them your own. Based on the oils that get the most use in my kitchen, the four stickers I decided to adorn my dispensers with are as follows: Balsamic Vinegar, White Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Vegetable Oil. The labels leave no residue and are designed to be reused, so you always have the option (read: freedom!) to switch your oils and sauces around if need be.

Credit: Jamie Allison Sanders

Once I had the dispensers and their accompanying labels, it was time to give them their place of reverence in my kitchen. I reorganized one of my counters, lined them up, and voilà! The kitchen counter I’d long imagined, finally in front of me. And if you’re not a gold person, they also come with silver stoppers, and silver stoppers with black labels if your kitchen’s a little bit darker.

I can’t imagine my life — or my kitchen! — without this oil dispenser set. They’ve brought me happiness ever since, and, of course, have redefined my new and improved cooking game.

Buy: Molimoli Oil Dispensers, $30.95 (normally $39.95)