Moka Pot Love! Macchinetta Art for Kitchen and Table

published Aug 4, 2010
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The Italian Moka pot is a great way to brew small servings of coffee, espresso-style. (Note: purists are quick to point out that Moka coffee is not espresso, although with the proper pressure, beans, and grind, the Moka can produce the coveted crema of espresso.) But this iconic little pot is also a great design and lately we’ve noticed its image popping up kitchen art and decoration. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites.

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The Moka pot (also know as a Macchinetta or ‘tiny machine’) was invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and continues to be manufactured today.

First Row:
• Archival print of an original watercolor by Beatriz Macias, $30.00 at Etsy
• Hand-painted (but non-functional) Moka Pot by Beatriz Macias, $35.00 at Etsy
Moka Print by Sandra Juto (her shop is currently closed for vacation)
• Screenprint Moka Express by mengseldesign, $68.00 at Etsy
• Moka pot kitchen timer, $7.45 from neatoshop

Second Row:
• Moka pot schematic T-shirt by Magpieofhedgerow, $11.00 at Etsy
• Red and black tea towels by mengseldesign, $24 for the set at Etsy
• Coffee lover flour sack tea towel by girlscantell, $12.00 at Etsy
• Original oil on canvas painting by NikShogren, $100 at Etsy

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