These Stackable Tupperware Containers Will Save You So Much Cabinet Space — and They’re on Sale

published Jan 5, 2024
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Credit: Kai Byrd

I love a good cleaning video, and since I downloaded TikTok a few years back, I’ve learned about everything from the best way to scrape caked-on grease off of a frying pan to what steps to take to make a cutting board look like new. Considering how popular CleanTok is, a lot of social media users appear to share my interest. After all, these kinds of videos are not only satisfying to watch, but also seriously inspiring and useful. The tips and tricks they share can have a drastic effect on your cleaning routine.

But my favorite kind of cleaning video, above all? The gratifying before-and-afters of people organizing their kitchens. Specifically, the ones where they ditch all of the packaging their food comes in for aesthetically pleasing, space-efficient containers. If you’ve been itching to follow in their footsteps like I have, this is your sign to do just that — Tupperware is offering major deals on their Modular Mates collection right now, which will completely transform your shelves visually and functionally.

What is the Modular Mates Collection?

Whether you’re looking to do a complete pantry overhaul in the New Year or start out smaller, there’s something for you in the Modular Mates collection. There are nearly 70 options to choose from, including singular pieces that vary in shape and size like the 9-inch tall oval container or the shorter and wider version. You can mix and match depending on the size of your shelves, and best of all, their stackable design will save you valuable space.

The deals on the bundles, however, might just be too good to pass up. With black and white lid options, you can opt for a set designed to hold a specific kind of food, like pasta or baking ingredients. Tupperware is even offering a bundle for beverages — which, as a regular tea and coffee drinker, I’m definitely eyeing, along with the Snack Center. I’m a serious snacker, so I’m completely sold on the six-piece set. Each piece — all of which vary in size — come with securely sealed lids (as does the rest of the Modular collection), so its contents will stay fresh longer.

On the Modular Mate square container listing on Amazon, one reviewer described how they’ve sworn by them for over two decades. “I’ve always liked how the big containers fit an entire 5 lb. bag of flour and how they snugly on top of each other,” they wrote. “I was so glad that I can still find Modular Mates that fit on top of the old ones or next to them. The style is so good because of their square shape — no cabinet space wasted. The old seals from 25 years ago are just as good as my new ones, too.” Consider me sold.

Credit: Tupperware

The Modular Mates sale is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to chaotic cabinets in the New Year, so don’t wait too long to start organizing!