The Stylish $39 West Elm Find That Will Free Up So Much Space in Your Kitchen

published Jan 8, 2024
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Turntables are an underrated organizing solution these days. Sure, they’re a classic — they were first developed decades ago as a tool for the dinner table, allowing guests to reach every dish they wanted with a simple spin. But whenever I see a kitchen organizing video come across my social media feed — which is quite often — it’s food storage containers galore, and usually, there’s not a single turntable in sight. 

Turntables may be simple, but they just might be the most versatile and functional organizing solutions you can find. (Just take it from one of our contributors, who owns eight of them. They each store different items, from canned goods in the pantry to cooking tools in the cabinet.) As useful as they are, it isn’t too often that we come across one that delivers in the style department. More often than not, they’re plain and meant to be kept out of sight, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to West Elm’s stunning $39 option, which you’ll definitely want to keep out on display.

What is the Modern Lazy Susan?

Lazy Susans like this one not only keep your items organized, but also keep them easily accessible all the time. Instead of your basic counter caddy or snack bin, it’s time to upgrade to this sleek, 7-by-7.5-inch organizer, which the brand made in collaboration with Pottery Barn. It may be in West Elm’s kids section, but its clean and modern design is far from childish. We can already see it as a stylish addition to any countertop: It’s made of powder-coated iron, with a wooden handle that you can grab on top for easy transport. Unlike most lazy Susans, it has the benefit of high walls to conceal most of what you place inside of it (and to keep your small snacks or tools safe from toppling over).

Credit: West Elm

Even pro organizers swear by turntables, so if you have yet to purchase one — or want to add another one to different area of your kitchen, in which case we don’t blame you — this West Elm offering should jump to the top of your wish list. Thank me later!