Mmm… Pork Cheeseburgers Gourmet

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re heading to a friend’s backyard tonight for our first grill-out of the year. And we’re always happy with traditional burgers, but this pork cheeseburger is like an exciting, shiny new toy. Like a turkey burger, but way more interesting…

These pork cheeseburgers from the June issue of Gourmet look so juicy and decadent—not adjectives we often use to describe a turkey burger. Why have we never had a pork burger before? We’ve had lamb burgers. And we eat pulled pork sandwiches a lot. But somehow pork in the form of a patty has been overlooked.

These are seasoned with chipotle peppers and topped with avocado and tomatillo, although we think some pickled vegetables could stand in for the tartness of the tomatillo.

Of course, no medium-rare burgers here. You’ll need to keep the pork on the grill (or grill pan) until it’s cooked through.

Get the recipe: Chipotle Pork Cheeseburgers, at Gourmet

(Image: Romulo Yanes for Gourmet)