Mixing Food and Music: Turntable Kitchen’s Pairings Box

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Love food? Love music? Then we think you may be in the target audience for this clever, unusual gift box from Kasey and Matthew of Turntable Kitchen. Wouldn’t you like a box of food and music delivered right to your door?

Kasey and Matthew run Turntable Kitchen, a recipe blog that pairs songs and playlists with every recipe they publish. But they decided to launch something even more fun: A music and food pairings box that comes right to your door.

They call it a “curated food and music discovery experience” and each box includes music and food. They tuck in a limited-edition vinyl single from a favorite band, a digital mix, seasonal recipes, and some special ingredients to help you create those recipes at home.

Get more info: Kitchen Pairings Box, $25 at Turntable Kitchen

This is such a fun idea, at a good price (you don’t even pay for shipping). Just the right thing for Valentine’s Day, perhaps, or as a surprise gift for a fellow music-loving cook.

Have you tried out this pairings box? What did you think?

(Images: Turntable Kitchen)