This Produce Subscription Service Completely Changed the Way I Cook

published Feb 25, 2020
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Credit: Maria Midoes

I’m the kind of person who loves wonky-shaped produce: I squeal in delight whenever I find a supremely long baby carrot, an eggplant with an extra appendage, or a baby pepper surprise growing inside of a big bell pepper. They’re like nature’s miracles! But, in produce sections of traditional grocery stores, these kinds of anomalies are actually hard to find. That’s because the growers who sell to large markets filter out “ugly” produce in favor of more conventionally attractive options.

That’s why, when I found out about Misfits Market, I signed up ASAP.

Credit: Lauren Masur

What Is Misfits Market?

Misfits Market is a produce subscription service that delivers boxes of certified-organic produce sourced from farms across the country. The contents of Misfits Market produce boxes are, exactly what you’d think: misfits. It’s produce that doesn’t fit our typical expectations.

The price and convenience alone are reason to sign up. For 20 to 40 percent off of grocery store prices, you can get a week’s worth of produce delivered to your door and also help reduce food waste, as this sort of stuff would usually go unsold otherwise. You can choose the frequency with which you receive your shipment — I chose the every two-weeks option — and change or pause it at any time.

The company also offers two different sized boxes: The Mischief, which costs $22 for up to 13 pounds of organic mixed fruits and veggies; and The Madness, which costs $35 for up to 22 pounds of produce and can serve up to five people for a week. Currently, Misfits Market serves the northeast, south, and midwest.

Why I Love Misfits and How It’s Changed the Way I Cook

When I signed up for Misfits Market, I fully expected to receive a box of the ugliest produce I’ve ever seen — and, honestly, that’s just not the case. My eggplant might come lightly scratched, or the pears aren’t completely ripe yet and the oranges are smaller than usual. Regardless of their outside appearance, everything has tasted great, and that’s what actually matters.

Credit: Lauren Masur

With the Misfits Market Mischief option, you can’t always choose what is packed in your box; what you do know is that you will receive some sort of leafy greens, and various seasonal fruits and veggies. It’s such a treat to open a box and find Huckleberry gold potatoes, celery, Bosch pears, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, kale, lemons, and onions. This variety led to some spontaneous lunches and dinners — and also made me try new things.

Among the surprises in my last box were two rutabagas, a root veggie that I’ve never been brave enough to purchase or eat before. The Misfit rutabagas were also different than the waxy bulbs I’ve seen in grocery stores — slightly more gnarled and alien-like. I decided to just dive in: I peeled and sliced them, roasting them with huckleberry gold potato wedges, onions, olive oil, and some seasonings. Wouldn’t you know, I am now a rutabaga convert.

Credit: Lauren Masur

The simple fact that my fridge is now always, always, always stocked with fresh produce has led me to have healthier eating habits overall. When I’m in need of a snack, I find myself reaching for an apple with peanut butter, orange slices, or even a bowl of roasted veggies instead of the packaged things in my pantry, which makes me feel really virtuous.

I also feel pretty good about my awareness of food waste. Since I signed up for Misfits Market, I’ve challenged myself to use up every bit of what’s delivered to extend the company’s mission of reducing food waste overall. Not to mention, I have to make room for the contents of my next Mischief Box!!

Would you sign up for this kind of produce subscription service? How do you feel about a wacky-looking carrot? Discuss in the comments below!