Misen Just Launched an Even More Versatile Version of Their Essential Kitchen Knife

published Jun 8, 2022
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Credit: Misen

Although a serrated knife is one of the three essential kitchen knives you need — the other two being a chef’s knife and a paring knife — you might not be using it for all its worth. Yes, the saw-like blade is adept at slicing through crusty loaves of bread with minimal effort, but it’s also ideal for cutting many fruits and veggies. The only problem, however, is maneuvering the long blade while working with small ingredients. That’s exactly why Misen, one of our favorite sources for affordable, high-quality knives, recently released the Short Serrated Knife.

Just five inches long, the Short Serrated Knife is half the size of Misen’s regular 10-inch bread knife blade, which has also been revamped in an 8-inch version, making it easier to use but still long enough to slice through sandwiches or thick loaves of bread.

When it comes to knives, I didn’t realize how much of an improvement having the proper range of options would have on my food prep. For instance, investing in both a quality chef’s knife (I use the Misen chef’s knife and can’t stop raving about it!) and paring knife (we also happen to be huge fans of the super budget-friendly Misen paring knife) has totally revamped my food prep. Now, I can pull out my small paring knife for quick jobs like slicing lemon wedges or dicing an avocado and then reach for my heavy-duty chef’s knife when tackling some serious chopping. That is exactly why I see the Short Serrated Knife coming in handy almost daily.

Think of it this way: How many times have you sliced a roll, bagel, or English muffin only to have to drag out your long bread knife for such a small task? Here, this 5-inch blade would prove extremely useful, ideal for quick slicing needs with super easy cleanup. Serrated knives are also more versatile because their sharp serrations allow them to smoothly slice through foods with tough exteriors like citrus fruits and tomatoes. Misen’s 5-inch knife would act like a more impressive paring knife in these situations, providing both the dexterity of a shorter blade with the high performance of a sharp bread knife.

And, just like all Misen knives, this new serrated utility knife features a premium design, made with AICHI steel, which offers superb long-lasting sharpness and durability. Misen blades also have unique sloped bolsters with a comfortable pinch grip in order to establish greater control while cutting, chopping, or slicing.

Like many new Misen products, the Short Serrated Knife will fill a gap in your kitchen while coming in at a reasonable price point. It’ll quickly become your new go-to for quick kitchen tasks like cutting a sandwich in half or segmenting an orange with little effort or cleanup.