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This New Roasting Pan Is Actually Now My Favorite Baking Sheet

published Oct 22, 2021
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Credit: Misen

You’ve likely already gotten the hint that I’m a big fan of Brooklyn-based cookware brand Misen. This brand busts out all of the hits, from their everyday paring knife that I use for dinner prep down to their popular, constantly sold-out carbon steel wok. Well, I recently got my hands on their new(ish) roasting pan, which launched last year, and was equally blown away by this sleek, versatile, and lightweight kitchen tool.

In my past experience with roasting pans, the most common problems I’ve run into are their sheer size and space, both in and out of the oven. During one fateful Friendsgiving, in fact, I recall struggling to actually close my oven door since the roasting pan — and with it, the bird — could barely fit inside. I’ve asked myself time and time again: Why are these things so dang clunky? Welp, Misen’s answer is: They really shouldn’t be.

Straight from the box upon arrival, I fell in love with the aesthetics of this sleek, stainless steel and aluminum pan. The pan has slightly more shallow side walls than most standard roasting pans — tall enough to contain roast liquids, but short enough to allow ample airflow for baking, browning, and searing. The pan is also lightweight and has a slim profile, which means it moves seamlessly from stovetop to oven, and can be tucked away discretely in my kitchen cabinets. Hands-down my favorite part of this pan, though, is its flat riveted handles, which are not only comfortable to hold, but smart and technically well-placed to provide balance, leverage, and support. TL;DR: No sore back post-baking.

So far, I’ve used my pan several times to roast carrots, Brussels sprouts, baby red potatoes, and a whole head of garlic. I used a healthy dash of olive oil, salt, and pepper, but purposely did not line the pan with aluminum foil or parchment paper to test the pan’s nonstick properties. Not only did my veggies come out of the oven perfectly brown and crispy, but they also did *not* stick to the bottom of the pan. Success! While I might not opt to use this pan to roast a whole chicken or turkey this fall since the sides are a bit shallow (and not super liquid-friendly), I will definitely be using it to dry-roast all of my seasonal veggies, smaller cuts of chicken or fillets of salmon, and other baked treats.

This pan is basically a glorified heavy-duty baking sheet with handles, and it’s one of my current favorite pieces of everyday cookware. Well-played, Misen.