Misen’s Popular Original Nonstick Pan Is Back for a Very Limited Time — and It’s 30 Percent Off Right Now

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Credit: Misen

A great frying pan is a kitchen must-have. It’s not like, say, an air fryer, that is certainly nice to have, but which you could do without. A frying pan is as necessary a cooking tool as a stove, and when you have one that underperforms, it makes cooking harder and more time-consuming. And, that’s the opposite of what cookware is supposed to do! Your pan shouldn’t make you think, Ugh, cleaning this later is going to be a nightmare. Maybe I’ll make something else. It should actually make cooking (and cleaning) easier and more enjoyable.

As someone who only recently ended a bad relationship with a “nonstick” pan that everything stuck to, I know that replacing cookware can be tough. After all, with enough heat and enough fat, I could, sorta, make an omelet in my old, scratched-up pan (and only have a few bits to scrape off). But “technically feasible” doesn’t cut it when it comes to tools you cook with on a daily basis, especially when there are so many great and affordable frying pans available. In fact, one of our editors’ favorite nonstick pans, from Misen, just came back in stock; and you can get it for 30 percent off right now!

Misen’s Original Nonstick Pan comes in three sizes — 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches — and is ideal for everyday frying and sautéing. It gets its nonstick powers from a nontoxic coating that remains nice and slick even after years of regular use. On their own, each pan is currently marked down at 30 percent off, but if you grab the 10-inch and 12-inch pans together or go for the entire three-pan set, you’ll save up to 40 percent. (Misen also has sales on sauciers, stock pots, and cookware sets, just FYI.)

Although Misen released an updated version of their nonstick pan, they had so much demand for this fan-favorite that they decided to bring it back for a limited time — and, thankfully, at a reduced price. Misen developed this pan to meet the same high performance standards as the most expensive nonstick pans — we’re talking ones in the $200 range — and try to surpass them where possible. Misen’s secret is the three layers of nonstick coating they apply to every pan, which they found retains its slickness even after being scratched with metal spatulas and cooking utensils.

Credit: Misen

The pan has a removable silicone cover that slides over the handle so you can grip it safely and securely without having to wear an oven mitt or awkwardly wrap it up in a kitchen towel. Its aluminum core heats evenly and prevents hot spots from forming over time, which makes sure your dishes cook consistently and don’t burn. Plus, the shape of the pan has tightly sloped sides that are designed to give you more cooking surface than the average frying pan. These are the kinds of meticulous details that, when you find them all together in one pan, make for not just a good piece of cookware but a great piece of cookware.

Whether you have a “nonstick” pan that’s overstayed its welcome or you’re just ready for an upgrade, Misen is a smart place to look. They put the same dedication to quality in making their pots, knives, and Dutch ovens, too, so anything you get from them is a worthwhile investment. Pick up one (or more) of these bestselling nonstick pans while they’re still in stock at this low price, and see the difference that well-made cookware makes.

Buy: Misen Original 10-Inch Nonstick Pan, $46 (normally $65)