This Popular Cookware Brand Just Launched $15 Kitchen Shears — and They’re Selling Fast!

published Aug 13, 2021
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Credit: Misen

It’s been a busy week for Misen, one of our favorite small cookware brands. On Wednesday, they launched a new carbon steel wok that’s truly a workhorse, and now they’ve released another must-have to add to your arsenal: Kitchen Shears. We’re firm believers that shears are just as valuable as a knife (maybe even more so) when it comes to meal prep, because they can handle a multitude of tasks and make things so much easier. In fact, Misen boasts that their Kitchen Shears — which cost just $15 and are selling fast! — are sharp enough to snip twine and mince herbs without bruising them, yet powerful enough to cut chicken bones, crab shells, and even pennies! Intrigued? Read more about Misen’s shears and other exciting launches of the week — including a bug-repellent blanket — below.

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Deboning chicken thighs, snipping dried fruit, cutting open hard plastic packages — Misen's Kitchen Shears are up for the job. The stainless steel blades are micro-serrated to make smooth, straight cuts and prevent blade slippage, while the roomy, ambidextrous handle loops keep hands comfortable and in control. When it's time to clean up, simply detach the blades and give them a wash. Misen's shears come with a lifetime guarantee and the company will even let you test-drive them for 60 days. If you don't love them — and why wouldn't you? They can cut pennies! — you can send them back.

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If you enjoy dining outdoors, you'll want to know about Outer's Bug Shield Blanket, an innovative accessory designed to keep mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ants, and other pests way. Each blanket is treated with odorless Insect Shield technology, which is based on a natural repellent found in plants like chrsyanthemums, to provide a lifetime of protection. Made with 100 percent recycled materials, the soft, lightweight Bug Shield Blanket comes in houndstooth, pinstripe, and plaid patterns,

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Made In

What's better than a cold beer? Perhaps this cool beer glass from popular cookware brand Made In. Crafted in Italy, the durable, titanium-reinforced stemware features a wide, angled bowl that keeps the beer's aromas in the glass for better taste and a curved lip that actually enhances its flavor by allowing the foam to stack. The Made In Beer Glass is sold as a set of four.

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Maximalists: Step to the front! If you’re looking to upgrade your home with unmatched style and innovation, it’s time to peruse the Jonathan Adler x Ruggable collection. Available in a range of bold and stunning styles, these washable pieces are perfect for the dining area or living room and will stand up to all your spills and stains.

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Every so often, a piece of cookware comes along that’s so well-made, so durable, and so useful, that it becomes an instant favorite. We’re placing bets that the carbon steel wok from Misen is going to be a top contender for that role! Because it's carbon steel, it heats up much quicker than cast iron. It’s also lighter — this wok weighs a little over 5 pounds. The flat bottom makes it easy to control and cook with, and it’s even oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And the best part? If you order now, the wok comes with a glass lid to help retain heat and steam, boosting its already-speedy cook time.

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Williams Sonoma

Mixing, kneading, proofing, baking — all of these steps require specialized skills and equipment to get the nuanced flavors and textures professional kitchens turn out. That is, until now! The smart folks at KitchenAid just introduced an all-in-one ceramic Bread Bowl with Baking Lid that can be used to prep, bake, and even serve perfect loaves.