Misen Just Launched a New Wok That’ll Make Cooking Stir-Fry Effortless

published Jun 21, 2022
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Credit: Misen

Lately Misen, one of our favorite direct-to-consumer cookware brands, has had a lot of exciting news to share. First, they made the announcement about their new nonstick cookware line, including saucepans, a stock pot, and a 12-inch skillet (which I personally tested and now use several times a week). Then, they released a revamped version of their popular serrated knife with a shorter blade that’s even more versatile for quick food prep tasks. Now, they’re back to announce the permanent launch of a once temporary item that was a huge hit with Kitchn staffers and Misen fans! 

Meet the Misen Carbon Steel Wok, a pre-seasoned wok made of durable and quick-heating carbon steel, perfect for cooking delicious stir-fries, deep-fried goodies, steamed veggies, and so much more. They first released it last year, allowing some lucky customers to get their hands on it early. Now, we’re pleased to learn that it’s back in stock for good as a permanent fixture in the Misen cookware catalog. It’s a versatile pan that you’ll find yourself reaching for regularly for quick lunches, family dinners, and anything in between!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current wok or you’re buying one for the first time, we think this Misen one would be a great addition to any kitchen. This carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned, which means it’ll arrive with an already-established base layer for a nonstick surface that will build as you use it. It’s different from a traditional wok because of its flat bottom, which makes it a little easier to control on the stove. And, you can actually use it on any cooktop — even induction!

Obviously, woks are ideal vessels for making stir-fries because of the high heat they can withstand. We love that this wok is made with carbon steel, a material often used in professional kitchens for its lightweight design and ability to heat up quickly. With its 12-inch width and tall sides, it’s big enough to tackle a huge variety of dishes, yet is slightly smaller than other woks so it won’t be hard to store. Use it to steam veggies or dumplings (along with the included glass lid), deep fry, or even make popcorn. Our editor-in-chief, Faith, attests to the fact that woks can easily become your most frequently used piece of cookware.

Customers who got their hands on this wok early raved about how well it works, confirming its fast-heating abilities for making quick dinners as well as how easy it is to clean. “I can’t give this pan a good enough review. It is a joy to use. I use it for cooking everything now,” one person wrote. “We don’t have a microwave and honestly cooking leftovers on [high] heat with a bit of oil in this wok is BETTER,” another said. One customer even mentioned that it’s perfect for making large batches of mulled drinks when it’s cold outside.

Clearly, if you’re on the lookout for a new wok or just a powerhouse pan, this new Misen wok will make for a worthy addition to your kitchen. Like the rest of Misen’s products that we love, it’s a well-designed and versatile pan that will just make life easier in the kitchen.