Oreo Just Launched a Limited-Edition Flavor That Tastes JUST Like My Favorite Ice Cream

published Jul 3, 2024
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Oreo Cookies.
Credit: Shutterstock/Pao Laroid

We, here at The Kitchn, love Oreos, and we’re not in the minority, either. Touted as “America’s favorite cookie,” the simple combination of chocolate wafer and creme was created in 1912, and has been popular ever since. Great on their own, of course, the sandwich cookies are key to countless desserts — whether blended in a milkshake or pulling triple duty in the crust, filling, and topping of your new favorite no-bake cheesecake.

Beyond the classic, the cookie creators continue to release limited-edition flavors taking inspiration from candies, cakes, ice cream, fried pastries, and even other cookies. While some have come dangerously close, none of these novelty flavors have been able to best the OG. Still, when we got word a new ice-cream inspired flavor would be popping up on shelves just in time for summer, we jumped at the chance to see how it stacks up.

Credit: Alexandra Foster

What You Should Know About OREO Mint Chip Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Mint is having a moment! After launching a variety of minty frozen desserts including pints, bars, and sandwiches, Oreo is bringing the ice cream flavor to the cookie aisle. Sandwiched between the classic chocolate wafer cookie is a pastel green mint creme filling studded with tiny chocolate flecks — aka the “chip” in Mint Chip. They’re available for a limited run, so look for them in stores nationwide starting July 8. (Mark those calendars!)

Credit: Alexandra Foster

My Honest Review of OREO Mint Chip Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Visually, these cookies are stunning. The vibrant filling is surrounded by the classic wafer cookies with an adorable upgrade. In line with the ice-cream theme, one wafer is embossed with a crisscross design that mimics the pattern on an ice cream cone (a supercute detail that I greatly appreciated). As soon as I opened the packet, I was hit with a whiff of mint.

Credit: Alexandra Foster

There are several ways to eat an Oreo (bite as is, twist off and eat separately, creme first). I opted to twist off the top first so I could better see the filling and taste it on its own. It was sweet with a refreshing essence of mint. The bits of chocolate were more like little crunchy flecks that added texture than the chips you’d expect in a scoop of ice cream. 

Credit: Alexandra Foster

After that first taste, I dove straight in and sampled a second cookie whole. The mint flavor was still there, just slightly less pronounced when sandwiched between both chocolate cookies. 

Mint chocolate chip is one of my favorite ice cream orders, and this captured the flavor perfectly taking me back to late summer evenings strolling with a cone in hand — minus the brain freeze and with some added crunch. I would definitely buy them again. 

Similarly, they reminded Associate Lifestyle Editor Sofia Rivera of her go-to desserts: “the Monster Mash Sundae at Friendly’s — perfect proportions of mint, chocolate, and nostalgia.” 

While we haven’t tried it (yet!) Sofia and I wonder how these Mint Chip cookies would taste after a jaunt in the freezer. Would it add to the ice cream experience?! There’s only one way to find out…

Find it in stores: OREO Mint Chip Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, $5.29 for 10.68 ounces at retailers nationwide

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